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Mass Intentions

Mount Michael Abbey welcomes request for Mass intentions. We will see to it that the Masses are celebrated as promptly as possible.


The offering you make should correspond with that suggested by the diocese in which you reside. Your pastor will be able to inform you of what the stipend of a particular diocese may be.


$10.00 is the suggested offering in the Omaha Archdiocese.

Mass Intentions Online


Please address such requests to:

Mass Intentions

Development Office

Mount Michael Benedictine Abbey

22520 Mount Michael Road

Elkhorn, NE 68022



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Mass & Prayer Schedule


Regular Schedule


6:30am - Morning Prayer

7:15 am - Mass

11:45 am - Mid-day Prayer*

5:15 pm - Evening Prayer (Vespers)

7:00 pm - Night Prayer (Compline)*



8:00 am - Morning Prayer & Mass

11:45 am-  Mid-day Prayer*

5:15 pm - Evening Prayer (Vespers)

7:00 pm - Night Prayer (Compline)*



7:00 am Morning Prayer

9:30 am Mass

11:00 am Mid-day Prayer*

5:15 pm Evening Prayer (Vespers)

7:00 pm Night Prayer (Compline)*


*take place at the Abbey Oratory rather than the chapel.

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